Автор: Хорошев В.А.
Место размещения: Журнал «St.Petersburg in the Mirror» - 2001, Spring.

The national ship automation history is inseparably associated with the Avrora Corporation Sciences-Production. Today the Avrora Corporation S&P is the largest designer, manufacturer and supplier of automatic control systems for naval equipment and weapons, of automation systems for all classes of vessels, including nuclear icebreakers, commercial ships, offshore exploration and production vessels, hovercraft and hydrofoil boats, deepwater submersibles. Similar systems are developed for steam and nuclear electric power plants, steam-gas plants, gas and oil production units, electrical vehicle controls and a number of other technical facilities.
Nowadays the Avrora is a state-owned unitary enterprise with its research, engineering and production departments located in St.Petersburg. The Avrora incorporates three research and engineering complexes, a soft- and hardware development division, a design bureau and two production sites.
The Corporation has statutory licenses for development and manufacture of control systems, for on-site adjustment work, repairs, upgrading, warranty services and manufacturer's supervision. It is also licensed by Gosatomnadzor for designing and manufacturing equipment intended for facilities with nuclear reactors. The Avrora has a certificate of compliance with the ISO 9000 quality system requirements and Russian Gosstandart accreditation for reviewing design documentation, performing instrumentation calibration and certification tests of the manufactured products.
The Corporation has also obtained Russian Government accreditation as a scientific establishment. An indicator of the high esteem of research and engineering work carried out by the Corporation and of its contribution to the development of the national shipbuilding industry is the fact that in 1999 Avrora was awarded the status of a Federal Scientific and Production Centre.
Gradually expanding and enhancing its research, engineering and production capabilities the Avrora has by now become the largest Russian centre for ship automation.
Over the past years the Corporation and its specialists have resolved many sophisticated scientiflc, engineering and production challenges. Among those challenges there were tasks like developing and practically implementing integrated automation systems for naval and commercial ships of various classes, including submarines, nuclear icebreakers, tankers, offshore survey and production vessels, deep-water submersibles, dynamic- lift craft, air cushion vehicles and many other kinds of naval and commercial ships.
The Corporation has developed, manufactured, tested, commissioned automation devices, systems and complexes that are now successfully operated on the whole national fleet of nuclear-powered ships, all major Russian Navy ships and over 300 commercial vessels designed by Almaz, Baltsudoproekt, Malakhit, Nevkoye, Rubin, Severnoye and other design and engineering bureaux. The Corporation maintains training simulators of more than 30 different types allowing ship personnel to master naval and commercial ship equipment controls, to train submarine system crews, has intelligent trainers, sets of sensors and alarms, salt gages and conductivity apparatuses.
The growing portfolio of domestic and international orders for traditional products, including joint projects with foreign customers aimed at developing naval and commercial ship control complexes, and business expansion into new defence-conversion markets are the factors that ensure solid grounds for the Avrora in the already present 21st century.
The Corporation fully covers the whole cycle of system production work: from research studies to warranty and post-warranty repair and maintenance jobs.
Another domain of the Corporation's present activities is the production of automatic control and monitoring systems for industrial power plants, including nuclear and steam electric power stations, power units with advanced nuclear reactors, geothermal electric power plants, boilers. Among the biggest projects in this sphere one should name the control system for emergency protections tripped by deviations in process parameters installed at the 1st and the 2st power-generating units of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Station.
The Corporation has developed an integrated onboard control system for the Russian high-speed electrical train Sokol. The first system has been already manufactured and delivered for field tests. At the moment an integrated in formation and control system for new-generation streetcars is developed.
Among the new vectors of work is the development of an automatic control, regulation and monitoring system for gas/ oil separation, purification, pumping, and storage processes.
The Corporation develops its products, both traditional and defence- conversion ones, using up-to-date computers, which serve for simulating control systems and their controlled objects, and computer-aided design systems. The Corporation also has a number of unique test facilities to support theoretical and experimental work on newly developed systems.
The production component of the Corporation can deliver products of various designations and applications. E.g., today the Corporation industrially produces medical hardware for lung and respiratory therapy and resuscitation, both stationary hospital systems and portable models for ambulance teams. Medical hardware produced by the Corporation is supplied to many Russian cities and regions, as well as to other countries.
The Aurora employs highly qualified specialists, including 10 Doctors of Sciences, 73 Masters of Science and over 40 staff members with scientific titles. The Corporation provides all possible conditions for research personnel education. There is a system for post-graduate studies and a Scientific Council. Achievements of the Avrora staff members have been recognised by 873 governmental awards. At the moment there are 9 members who are Laureates of the USSR and Russian State Prizes while throughout the history of the Corporation there have been 29 persons awarded with Lenin and State Prizes. A number of specialists working at the Corporation have honorary titles of Esteemed Designer, Esteemed Power Engineer or Esteemed Mechanical Engineer.
Thanks to their insistent desire for successful business and careful identification of development priorities the Corporation management was able to introduce and purposefully implement a reform of the quality system. Those decisive actions have enabled not only to rise the quality system up to present-day standards but as well to motivate the personnel for high-quality work at every station.
The Avrora establishes and expands relations with Russian and international partners and its con- sumers of both the traditional military and civilian products and services and the defence-conversion ones. The present boost in market competition among domestic enterprises has forced Avrora to direct active and purposeful efforts towards searching partners clients, to establish contacts with international organisations, companies and foundations, to look for new products and services in order to utilise the available production facilities and research capabilities.
The Corporation has conducted scores of business meetings and negotiation sessions with leading companies of the USA, Germany, Finland, Chine, India, Korea, Arab and Middle-East countries. The Corporation has arranged visits to foreign design and manufacturing companies in order to familiarise its staff members with advanced technologies and to motivate them for a qualitatively new, competitive level of engineering and production solutions. For the same purpose the Avrora maintains its active involvement in exhibitions. There have been thorough presentations of products and capabilities at a number of prestigious international shows like SMM, IMDEX, IDEF, MEDICA, DEFEXPO, EU-RONAVAL, NEVA, HOSPITAL, where the Avrora won numerous prizes and diplomas.
In recognition of the high quality of products offered by the Avrora the Corporation has got international awards For Quality, Golden Mercury, Golden Business, Crystal Nike, collected a variety of diplomas at international and Russian exhibitions and became a member of the international club of trade leaders.
Realistically considering its domestic and world market opportunities, the Avrora has confidently entered the new century.

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