Автор: Журнал «Asian Military Review», Тайланд – 2001, May
Место размещения: Журнал «Arabian Defence & Aerospace Business», ОАЭ – 2001, № 35

Avrora Corporation Science & Production - is a Federal Scientific and Production Center of Russia, which carries out development, production, delivery, putting into service, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance and repairs in any region of the world.

• naval surface ships;
• submarines and deep-sea vehicles;
• technical facilities of naval ships, diesel and atomic submarines, civil ships of all
types and classes;
• technological processes of industrial power production objects, including
thermal and nuclear power plants;
• electric transport motion;
• processes and facilities of oil and gas extraction and processing.

Automated control systems:
• heighten the level of objects' functional potential implementation by 10 - 15%;
• allow to reduce the quantity of personnel, servicing an object, by 15 - 20%;
• reduce a fault rate and improve reliability of an object's control by 75%.

Avrora Corporation S&P develops and deliver to a Customer local
automated systems of:

• separate technical facilities' control;
• technical maintenance;
• integrated data processing;
• weapons and self-defense means' control;
• monitoring and documentation;
• general ship systems of data exchange;
• information support of damage control in complicated emergency situation;
• technological processes' control for transport, fishing, river and mining vessels,
drilling platforms, icebreakers and other vessels of passenger, cargo and
technical fleet;
• medical equipment for lung-respiratory resuscitation;
• special simulators and training centers.

The Avrora Corporation S&P develops and deliver to a Customer integrated
automated control systems:

• central coordinating control systems (CCCS);
• integrated damage control systems (IOCS);
• automated combat control systems (ACCS)
• automated ship control system (ASCS)
• integrated control systems (ICS).

Central coordinating control systems (CCCS) exercise coordinating control over all technical facilities via their control systems; diagnostics and generation of control actions, recommendations on their selection and operation modes, taking into account diagnostics information in normal and emergency conditions, as well as in the process of ship damage control; collection, processing, accumulation, generalization and displaying of information about the state of a ship, its technical facilities and equipment, including for the purposes of automated keeping of watch documentation (of watch engineer-mechanic), for technical maintenance and repair.
Integrated damage control systems (IOCS) exercise preventive, counter-emergency and predicting control in conditions of current operational and tactical situation and the effects a ship undergoes. The integrated systems provide a chief specialist on damage control with a necessary information about the past, the present and the future in correspondence with a situation, which has taken place, and decisions made, by the necessary time and in convenient form, as well as provides for intellectual support of decisions' taking and checking of their conformance to a selected tactics of emergency situation elimination.
Automated combat control systems (ACCS) of weapon, armament and technical facilities are intended to control ship's combat activity by means of collection, processing and visual representation of information about a situation; elaboration and representation of recommendations on evaluation of a situation - to take substantiated decisions on ship control and use of weapon, elaboration and automatic input of data into weapon.
Automated ship control systems (ASCS) exercise automated control of a ship, its weapon, armament and technical facilities when performing combat and daily tasks of ship.
Integrated control systems (ICS) are developed by the Avrora Corporation S&P in compliance with customer's wish for all kinds and types of ships, when a ship with all the equipment it comprises is considered as an integral object, subject for automation. The ICS implementation allows to obtain considerable tactical, technical, operational and economical effects, which improve combat and practical potential of a ship (decisive advantage in a modem combat). All the integrated automated control systems, supplied by the Avrora Corporation S&P, are equipped with built-in simulators, allowing to conduct in a tutorial mode training of separate operators, crews, groups, all-ship personnel and even formation of ships without putting to sea, therefore, providing for considerable economy of fuel and saving a service life when training a personnel.
The Avrora Corporation S&P also develops and supplies to a customer the base and room training centers and simulators, capable of simulating the control processes involving ship's power supply and propulsion systems, general ship system, maneuvering system, as well as sophisticated special- purpose systems. During creation of such simulators a state-of-the-art software and special hardware is employed, it allows to simulate a situation in real time, to reproduce control processes of ship's power supply, general ship systems, maneuvering and provides for instructor's involvement in the training process. The training simulators, created by the Avrora Corporation S&P, ensure high level of personnel training, careful operation of ship's equipment and, therefore, safe navigation.
All the products, created by the Avrora Corporation S&P, are manufactured with application of components made by the leading foreign companies, on the basis of licensed software products. The Avrora Corporation S&P has the state licenses for development and manufacturing of automated control systems, regulation and adjustment works on the objects, repair, modernization, guarantee servicing, author's supervision, the State Atomic Power Inspection's license for development and manufacturing of equipment for nuclear power plants, the license for manufacturing of medical equipment; the certificates of conformity to the requirements of international ISO-9001-94 and ISO-9001-96 standards. The Corporation is accredited by the Russian State Standard Committee to perform an expert examination of design documentation, check of metering facilities and conduction of certification of products being manufactured.
The products, supplied by the Avrora Corporation S&P, pass through all kinds of operational, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, ergonomical, meteorological and environmental tests, as well as tests of electromagnetic compatibility and safety at the Corporation's testing base and have a heightened reliability.
The awarding of the International Trophy for Quality, International Golden Mercury Certificate, Golden Business Diploma, as well as Corporation's entering the Trade Leaders Club is the recognition of high quality of its products.
The Avrora Corporation S&P is ready to develop the existing and establish new contacts with foreign partners and users of products and services of military-technical and civil application.

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