Warranty maintenance
The ESC ensures warranty maintenance which is rendered in the period specified in the terms and conditions of the contract. Apart from the warranty maintenance, the SWMC arranges production and technical consultations with regard to the issues connected with exploitation of control systems.

Service maintenance

The service maintenance is rendered under the contract during the entire period of systems exploitation and it includes the following:

  • flaw inspection and formation of repair lists;
  • development of repair technical documentation;
  • repair;
  • modernization;
  • technical support of repair;
  • supplies of SPTA, units, training aids and auxiliary equipment;
  • establishing specialized areas at basing site;
  • test-bench trials;
  • software support;
  • production and technical consultations.

Service maintenance for the foreign customers is rendered in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Service maintenance Avrora JSC for the foreign customers

Presentation Cataloging Avrora JSC of supply articles

Repair and technical documentation
The ESC develops and supplies repair documentation for the current and medium repair of the control and monitoring systems for the 877EKM and 636 project diesel-electric submarines, 11356 project frigates, 956 and 956E project destroyers, 10521 project nuclear icebreakers.

The specialized department within the ESC ensures development of repair documentation for control systems in compliance with the requirements of the Customer.

The documentation is exported in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Test benches

For adjustment and testing of the various-purpose technical facilities control systems, the department of test-bench trial is established within the structure of the ESC, which ensures execution of the following works:

  • technical support of adjustment and testing of control systems of various-purpose ships;
  • development of design documentation and software for the sets of special testing facilities;
  • design and production of test benches;
  • technical support of control systems adjustment at the enterprise's test benches.

The ESC specialists also work on development of trainer test benches for training operators and other personnel with the use of modeling devices and software.

Spare parts, units, training aids and auxiliary articles
The ESC ensures manufacturing and supply of spare parts, units, assemblies, devices and component parts for the systems and equipment of the nomenclature of the Concern.

The safety stock of SPTA, as well as the automated storehouse complex with its modern equipment and well-arranged system of production cooperation – all this makes it possible to ensure the supplies in the shortest time possible.

The SPTA is exported in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Nuclear-powered objects

The specialists of the ESC perform a complex of activities for ensuring service maintenance, repair and extension of exploitation periods of the technical facilities control systems of the nuclear-powered objects.

Along with performing repair and modernization works, the Export and Service Centre ensures:

  • production and technical consultations with regard to the issues of control systems exploitation,
  • rendering of services with regard to organization, planning and design and technological support of repair,
  • organization of repair documentation development,
  • author’s supervision of TFCS exploitation,
  • implementation of spare parts supply for repair and technological fitment for establishing the specialized area at the Customer’s base.

Partners Export and Service Center Avrora Scientific and Production Association
For the promotion of the products/works/services in the sphere of service and warranty maintenance of the products of the nomenclature of the Concern, the ESC cooperates, via the state intermediary, with the joint ventures - Rosoboronservice (India) and Avrora (India) Marine Systems Pvt. Ltd., ensuring systematized service maintenance of the Russian-make products on the territory of India.

The service maintenance of the products is rendered in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.