Simulation training aids, being developed by the Concern Avrora, are implemented as special-purpose training simulators and integrated control training simulators, tactical task-specific and shore-based training complexes.

Creation of simulators is based on the following main principles:

  • Principle of structural completeness of a simulator facility. It consists in presence of three mandatory components: constructional (exact copy of an operator workstation exterior), model (all-mode model of a controlled object) and educational (consideration of training objectives and tasks);
  • Implementation of elements of instructional design, starting from the moment of receiving a technical assignment and finishing with warranty and service maintenance of supplied products;
  • Principle of rational combination of real operator workstation (OWS) simulators, elements of real ship equipment and automated PC-based operator workstations (AOWS);
  • Principle of modularity of simulation complex at any level, when training facilities are created by means of combining different modules and special-purpose simulators, providing adaptation of a complex to a wide range of military training objectives;
  • Principle of consideration of environmental factors: simulation of ship motion, noise of operating mechanisms, gas environment in compartments and rooms, etc.

Possibility to hone intellectual skills in the process of decision-making in case of emergency and abnormal situations in conditions of emotional tension and time shortage.