Crew workplaces

Special operator's units of "KROPS" type

In the Concern AVRORA Scientific and Production Association Joint Stock Company the special operator's units have been developed, which combine the operator's armchair and the facilities protecting a user from shock action on the ship's huli by means of reduction of active accelerations by a factor of ten from 100 g to permissible value of 10 g. The units are harmonized with control consoles and jointly with them form automated operator's workstations {AWS). The comfortable conditions are provided for operators' work. The units are intended for mounting to the onboard AWS and to operators' workstations in stationary premises. The versions of the article may be supplied with different height of a seat-back, provided with head support and rail-guided. One of the unit's versions and its overall dimensions are shown in the figure.

The design of the units ensures the following:

  • the possibility of mounting the base structure on the floor;
  • the possibility of forward and backward motion of the armchair within the limits of 100 mm along with possibility of its fixing in intermediate positions;
  • the possibility of regulating the lumbar support of the seat-back;
  • the possibility to disconnect the armchair from the base structure without special tools;
  • the trauma-safe (rounded) form of protruding elements of the armchair:
    • the possibility of rational assembling and disassembling of the armchair for transportation;
    • the height of seat surface of 450 mm and possibility of its regulation along the vertical axis to ±50 mm;
    • the width of seat surface equal to 430 mm;
    • the depth of seat surface to the bearing area of seat-back equal to 420 mm;
    • the tilt angle of seat-back equal to 95° with the possibility of its reclining up to 135°;
    • revolution of the unit's upper part around the vertical axis to ±360° with the possibility of its fixation in the assigned position;
    • possibility of carrying the article through the hatch with partial dismantling of its elements.

There are versions which ensure the following:

  • the possibility of installation of the base structure on the rails with detachable motion stops;
  • the possibility of moving the article along the rails module with its fixation in the intermediate positions;
  • the possibility of joining the rails systems.

Composition of the article.

The article consists of two main parts:

  • base structure with protection equipment;
  • the operator's armchair.

The armchair includes:

  • the seat with the soft element;
  • the back with the soft element;
  • the head support for some versions (its height can be regulated within ±50 mm);
  • the tip-up armrests;
  • the system of operator's position regulator;
  • the safety belt.

The dynamics of the labor motions arisen from the algorithm of the operator's actions at the console based on the actual biomechanical (kinematic) capabilities and anatomico-physiological features of a user. Proportionality of anatomico-anthropometrical dimensions and linear-spatial structure of the special operator's unit is ensured.