Crew workplaces

Integrated automated workstation of a commander

Integrated automated workstation of a commander (AWS-C) being a synthesis of an operator console and a comfortable armchair is intended for technical and ergonomic provision of execution of service and functional duties in full scope by the high-rank specialists on board the ship - commanders of surface ships and submarines, commanders of electromechanical department etc.

The article ensures the following:

  • protection of the user from shock stress of the ship hull by means of ten times' reduction of the active accelerations;
  • information representation on the screen of small-size panel station МПС-18 (МКЛД 466299.054 ТУ) with 1280x1024 resolution;
  • information processing (solution of problems) as per the Customer's requirements based on Pentium III with clock frequency 533 MHz;
  • entering the commands with the use of touch screen, trackball, pushbuttons;
  • interaction with loudspeaker communication system.

The dynamics of movements of the user in the course of work is taken into consideration. It results from the algorithm of operational actions proceeding from the real biomechanical (kinematical) capabilities and anatomico-physiological features of the user. The proportionality of anatomico-anthropometrical and linear-geometrical parameters of volumetric-dimensional structure of AWS-C (access to the monitor and possibility of carrying out manipulations with it) is ensured.

The article has:

  • general overall dimensions 1315x760x1360 mm
  • the height of the seat surface of 450 mm from the point of its fastening to the platform with the possibility of its regulation along the vertical axis to ±50 mm;
  • the width of the seat surface equal to 460 mm;
  • the depth of the seat surface to the bearing area of the back equal to 430 mm;
  • the forward tilt angle of the seat equal to 5°;
  • the tilt angle of the back equal to 95" with the possibility of its reclining up to 140";
  • the height of the back equal to 780 mm;
  • the width of the armrest equal to 100 mm;
  • the space between the internal edges of the armrests equal to 480 mm;
  • possibility of carrying the article through the hatch with partially dismantled elements;
  • the trauma-safe (rounded) form of the protruding elements of the armchair;
  • the possibility of rational assembling and disassembling of the armchair for transportation.