Control systems for submarines

The "Palladij-M" control system

The "Palladij-M" system is distinctive of the existing control systems of "Palladij-E", "Palladij-U' and "Palladij-R" type due to the possibility of its integration into an integrated automated system which controls maneuvering, technical facilities of a ship, its electro-technical systems and main propulsion plant. At the same time, due to implementation of "Palladij-M modernization reserve, it is possible to perform additions functions, as against the standard ones, being performed by the other “Palladij" type systems, for example:

  • organization of an automated workstation of a chief mechanical engineer with representation of information about control processes, condition of technical facilities and systems, recommendations on control;
  • starting, stoppage and changing rpm of diesels;
  • cranking of diesels by means of a shaft turning mechanism or compressed air;
  • automatic stoppage of a diesel in case of:
    • oil pressure drop;
    • lowering of diesel rpm beyond a minimal stable level;
    • sinkage of a submarine down to a depth which exceeds a permited one;
    • closing of a gas pressure flap of diesel underwater operation.
  • implementation of the algorithms of ship hydraulic system and working hydraulic system control;
  • signaling of surpassing the level and salinity in a water cooling system of storage batteries, exceeding of H2 and O2 concentration in a battery pit (in the local control post of the first and third compartments);
  • acquisition, processing and representation of information on a computing control complex;
  • continuous monitoring of the system and technical facilities;
  • training mode of operation at a naval base for training of an operator;
  • visual representation on the monitor screen of operation documents in the predetermined volumes (by a separate order).

Control system for general Ship facilities of the "Varshavyanka" type diesel submarines

The "Palladij"-type system-("Palladij-M") is designed for automatic and remote automated control of general purpose ship systems and auxiliary equipment of diesel-generators of the 877EKM and 636 project submarines.

  • diving;
  • surfacing;
  • sprinkling of spare torpedoes;
  • draining;
  • retractable devices;
  • hydraulics;
  • ventilation;
  • tire smothering;
  • air supply to diesels;
  • gas bleeder;
  • cooling of diesels and auxiliary equipment;
  • fuel.

The "Palladij-M" system is created on the basis of new components with implementation of up-to-date computer aids for replacement of the similar control systems of "Palladij-E", "Palladij-U" and "Palladij-R" type within the limits of mass, overall dimensions, power consumption and the volume of functional tasks of the above mentioned systems.

The main principles of modernization of the control system:

  • retention of all the functions, being performed at present time by the existing systems;
  • retention of organizational and functional structure of control systems on board a ship;
  • location of the equipment of modernized control systems at the standard places of existing devices;
  • retention of existing main cable connections;
  • possibility of installation of modernized systems both during the period of construction and during repair of a diesel submarine;
  • presence in the system of a computing and control complex and display central control console.