Combat information and control systems

Automated information and control system for diesel-electric submarine

The Lama-EKM automated information and control system (AICS) is intended for automation of the control processes of combat and routine activities of a diesel submarine by means of automated acquisition, processing and visual representation of the data on the environment, issuing and representation of the recommendations for evaluation of the environment and making the reasoned decisions on control of the diesel submarine and use of the weapons. It is also intended for control of launchers, data generation and their automated input into the weapons.

As regards the AICS structure, it is a multi-level hierarchical control system based upon a set of local data exchange networks.

The central control console ensures control of implementation of all the AICS tasks.

Effectiveness of control of the Lama-EKM AICS tasks implementation processes is ensured by a powerful multi-featured system of information support and service aids for operators to work with:

  • a set of control panels that are automatically formed on the console monitor, as soon as the operator solves the tasks;
  • help facilities for prompting actions to the operator and visual monitoring of the process of tasks solution;
  • a sizeable set of video frames.

High operational efficiency of the Lama-EKM AICS is achieved by a large number of multi-featured functional tasks of control that are used both separately and in various combinations, depending upon the peculiarities of the environment, the operative and tactical situation and the tasks being solved by a diesel-electric submarine.

The Lama-EKM AICS is the first system to combine the possibilities of control of all kinds of weapons on board the submarine, as well as status monitoring and control of the set of torpedo tubes.

The Lama-EKM AICS has been serially manufactured by Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC since 1999.

For the time being several Lama-EKM systems have been supplied and they are successfully operated, their service life being from 3 to 6 years.

In the Lama-EKM AICS the requirements specified in the contract are implemented in the full scope, it operates reliably under the conditions of harsh environment, it has been developed on the high scientific and technical level and it is able to compete with the similar systems of the foreign make in the world market. AICS has a large potential for adaptation in accordance with the requirements of the particular customer, and the multilingual interface as well.

The system is supplied after the tests conducted on the specialized test bench of Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC, which includes the software and hardware, as well as specialized equipment that enables to perform a full-scope check of the system for functioning.

For training the personnel of the Customer to operate and attend the system, a trainer complex is available that is developed by Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC.

Purpose: Automated information and control system (AICS) LAMA-EKM is intended for automation of combat activities on board diesel-electric submarines of 877EKM and 636 projects.

AICS ensures carrying-out the following functions:

  • acquisition, integrated processing and indication of information about the environment based upon the data from the sonar complex , radar and navigation complex;
  • determination of target coordinates and motion parameters (TCMP) and generation of targeting data for use of torpedo and missile weapons;
  • hydrological environment analysis with evaluation of relative distances of detection and generation of recommendations on the optimum diving depth of a submarine;
  • generation of recommendations on maneuvering for ensuring the use of all kinds of weapons and navigation safety;
  • generation of recommendations on use of missile and torpedo weapons;
  • control of anti-ship missiles circuit "Club-S" jointly with the functional hardware-software circuit (FHSC);
  • torpedo firing control (including that of wire-guided torpedoes);
  • control of preparation of torpedo tube complex in case of use of all kinds of weapons;
  • provision of training of AICS operators at sea or in the base;
  • documenting of task solution results;
  • monitoring and diagnostics of the system.

AICS is interfaced with:

  • navigation complex (NC);
  • sonar complex (SC);
  • radar complex (RC);
  • diving depth measuring device (DDMD);
  • maneuvering control system (MCS);
  • torpedo tube complex and quick loading device;
  • "Club-S" complex (functional hardware-software circuit "Lama-ER");
  • wire guidance equipment;
  • equipment for remote input of depth values in torpedoes.

Warranty and service maintenance:

The warranty period for the system is 12 months from the date of its putting into operation.

During the warranty period, service maintenance of the system is ensured by the specialists of Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC.