Integrated ship automation systems

At present, Concern Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC develops and supplies integrated complexes of control systems, which include integrated bridge systems. The integrated complexes developed by Avrora ensure integrated automation of ships, which enables integration of ship machinery, technical facilities, communication, navigation and steering aids, local and remote automated control systems of technical facilities and technological processes into a common functionally interconnected technological complex. As this takes place, an optimum matching of parameters and operation modes of the equipment and technical facilities is ensured, the scope of controls is reduced and reliability and control quality are improved. At the same time, all functions, which pertain to management of the ship and control of its equipment and technological processes, are ensured in compliance with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

In the integrated complexes of systems the uniform engineering and design solutions are implemented, the common unified component base is used, the processes of data exchange between the systems, devices and equipment of the ship are being standardized and simplified.

The integrated systems of process automated control being developed by Concern Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC ensure automation of the following control processes:

  • steering of ships with ensuring ship traffic safety;
  • dynamic positioning of ships;
  • diesel and electric propulsion plants with rudder propellers and controllable-pitch propellers (CPP);
  • ship power generation and distribution systems;
  • auxiliary machinery and systems servicing the propulsion plant;
  • distribution of electric power between the consumers and ensuring stable and high-quality electric power supply;
  • technical facilities and systems:
    • habitability and life support systems;
    • shipboard fire-fighting and damage control systems;
    • fire-fighting systems for fire extinguishing onboard other ships and drilling rigs;
    • cargo and ballast systems;
    • systems ensuring ecological cleanliness and environmental safety of ship operation;
    • administrative and service activities management systems.

Concern Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC (the parent enterprise) can take upon the functions of the system integrator and it ensures complete shipment, setting-to-work and delivery of the ‘Integrated complexes’ to the Customer, as well as their warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repairs.

Concern Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC is ready to expand partnership and cooperation with other firms and companies specializing in manufacturing the products for civil maritime equipment, and especially with the companies, which supply ship equipment (diesels, diesel-generators, electric propulsion plants, frequency converters and main distribution units).

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