High-speed boat integrated control system

High-speed boat integrated control system (HSB-ICS) is functionally and structurally finished article intended for upgrading the automation level of the such boats, displaying the navigation and radar situation, centralized control of boat technical facilities and motion control. HSB-ICS constitutes a number of unified console modules put in one cabinet and divided based on their functions.

HSB-ICS is organized so as to be able to perform a certain part of functions of a certain console section from the section having other functionality, thus ensuring the interchangeability.

HSB-ICS ensures solution of the following problems:

  • displaying of navigation and radar situation;
  • solution of the problem of safe cruising and passing through the narrow waters;
  • en-route motion;
  • video surveillance of non-attended compartments, upper deck and surface environment;
  • ensuring loudspeaker communication and transmission throughout the ship;
  • displaying of information coming from special and technical facilities installed onboard the object;
  • solving the problems of emergency control of the boat;
  • control of propulsion complex in various modes (coordinated control of Arneson drive and interceptors, automatic keeping the assigned course of the boat, follow-up control of turning and non-follow up remote control of turning and rake of propeller shafts;
  • dynamic stabilization of boat motion with regard to list and trim by means of interceptors;
  • ensuring the boat's taking the maximum speed;
  • assigning the revolution speed of the main boat engines (for each side);
  • starting/stopping the main engines;
  • displaying the operation parameters of the main propulsion plant;
  • displaying the emergency and warning signaling of the work of the main engines.

When developing the HSB-ICS for the particular boat and based on the particular requirements of the Customer, as also for the purpose of reduction of the nomenclature of the component parts and SPTA, the component parts of the integrated control system are manufactured based on the uniform hardware platform.

HSB-ICS functions under the control of the real-time operating system of QNX type. Data exchange in the HSB-ICS is implemented via the duplicated communication channels. Improving the operation characteristics of the boat may be achieved by inter-system integration, coordination and interaction of information and control systems and upgrading automation level.

The system developed in the Concern AVRORA Scientific and Production Association Joint Stock Company clearly shows the possibility of implementation of the HSB-ICS on board the future boats.

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