Control system "Magnetit-MS"

Automatic motion and dynamic positioning control system "Magnetit-MS" is designed for installation onboard the vessels of automation class AUT1 (AUT2) and DYNPOS-2.

The system Magnetit - MS provides:

  • automatic control of vessel's motion and positioning;
  • adaptation of control algorithms for the effect of changing external factors;
  • setting of control vector from a single setting device (joystick) in the mode of semiautomatic control of vessel's motion;
  • estimation of forces and moments of wind and wave influence in accordance with the weather station data;
  • calculation of the required thrust;
  • calculation of thrust distribution between the active control facilities;
  • elaboration all parameters for active control facilities;
  • automatic vessel stabilization during motion along a curved trajectory;
  • automatic course and speed stabilization;
  • automatic vessel stabilization on the assigned course with the operator-assigned accuracy and minimization of rudder shift cycles;
  • average yawing amplitude of a vessel in the mode of course or track angle keeping, when the speed exceeds 6 knots - 2 degrees;
  • accuracy of vessel's speed stabilization, when the speed exceeds 6 knots - 0.1 knot;
  • estimation of constant and random components of wave influence forces and moments, which spectral parameters are close to the sea state parameters;
  • estimation of squall;
  • possibility of operation in accordance with the data of a script file, which contains changing in time parameters of external influences;
  • clear graphic display of the main parameters of motion control processes;
  • forecast for operator-assigned time of vessel's motion trajectory during maneuver for current (assigned) motion parameters (rudder angle, initial and changed mode of engine operation etc.);
  • calibration of thrust distribution patterns after repairs of the vessel's active motion control facilities;
  • dynamic positioning at the assigned point with the assigned course and sea state of up to 5 points with accuracy at 2 - 3 m, when the wind speed is up to 20 m/s;
  • automatic adjustment of system's parameters under the influence of various external factors;
  • generation of messages for an operator about emergency modes of operation and impossibility of positioning in current conditions, tripping of automatic modes;
  • automatic distribution of thrust in emergency modes, including failure of one or several of active motion control facilities;
  • integration of navigation data received from different sources of information, including satellite and autonomous navigation systems;
  • adaptation of the system for the onboard combination of active motion control facilities and the set of systems for accquisition of navigation and meteorological data;
  • automatic speed stabilization, when it exceeds 6 knots.

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