AVRORA Scientific and Production Association JSC performs development, manufacturing and delivery of integrated control systems for technical facilities (ICS TF) “Zaliv” of new projects of diesel-electrical and atomic icebreakers. The system is intended for automated and remote control, processing of information, signaling and indication of malfunctions and monitoring of technical facilities. 

Схема ИСУ ТС Залив

Use of ICS TF “Zaliv” in the projects of vessels, due to introduction of advanced imported and unique in-house engineering solutions, solves wide range of tasks, including the following:

- integration of technical facilities of a vessel into a unified technological complex;

- assurance of system reliability, unification of equipment;

- cost reduction.

ICS TF has a client-server architecture. All the data received from ICS TF controllers and local automation systems, as well as operator commands, are forwarded to two high reliability redundant servers located in different ship spaces.

ICS TF “Zaliv” provides the following:

- acquisition, processing and displaying to an operator the information on main propulsion plant, electric power system and general ship systems;

- control (remote and automated) of technical facilities, connected with the system;

- signaling of operation, malfunctions and change of the modes of operating mechanisms and plants, reaching of limiting values by controlled parameters (AWS);

- generalized AWS at control stations, cabins, service and public spaces, and group AWS with use of sound-and-light columns;

- displaying to an operator the information on AWS, engine telegraph orders, as well as on operation modes of a main propulsion plant, on video monitors, light panels and other display devices;

- blocking the signaling of inoperative mechanisms;

- running hours monitoring for mechanisms;

- system self-check;

- recording of controlled parameters, including AWS, for the period of not less than half a year;
ИСУ ТС Залив

- building of trends in real time for a specified period of time;

- displaying of detailed information on AWS;

 - redundancy of computing facilities and data exchange system.

ICS TF “Zaliv” consists of the following systems:

- system of sound-and-light columns (SLC) with function of engine room staff ability monitoring (ERSAM);

- subsystem of generalized alarm and warning signaling (GAWS).

 ИСУ ТС ЗаливThe system incorporates high-performance all-in-one computers, manufactured by the Concern AVRORA. These all-in-one computers are specially designed for severe conditions of a ship and have no anything comparable in the world. Reliable operation of these computers is ensured by use of the latest advances in electronics

Presentation of information on operator workstations is arranged by means of a developed “window” interface and consists of video frames containing the information on current equipment status, mimic diagrams of ship's systems and indicated signals of an alarm and warning signaling (AWS).

When the video frames of ICS TF “Zaliv” are developed, the equipment in a video frame is arranged in accordance with a ship’s plan, and agreed upon with a customer and designer at the stage of system development..    

Видеокадр ИСУ ТС Залив

        Видеокадр ИСУ ТС Залив 

Integrated control systems for technical facilities (ICS TF) “Zaliv”