Temperature Relay

Technical characteristics:

Temperature relay (KRT)



Range of response

From +8 to +50

  Relay set point is agreed upon when placing the order and it may be set with discreteness  equal to 1 °С within the range of set points

Error of response


Differential, °С, maximum


Number of commutated circuits


Parameters of commutated circuits: 

• direct current (at voltage); 

• alternating current (at voltage) 50Hz or 400 Hz

0.001 – 1.0 А (3 – 36 V) 

0.02 – 1.0 А (15 – 250 V)

Temperature relay

(KRT) is intended for commutation of external electric circuits in case the temperature of the medium being monitored reaches the predetermined value (set point)


Temperature, °C

from 0 to +55


up to 100% at temperature 50°C

Working media being monitored

Air, nitrogen, fresh water, diesel fuel, liquid oils

Weight, kg, maximum




Overall and mounting dimensions:
Overall and mounting dimensions Temperature relay (KRT) a b c
174 122 55







KRT good condition checking device

Condition checking device (МПК-У) is intended for checking KRT when the external cable is disconnected temporarily by means of disjoining the KRT pressurized cable entry. In the process of checking of KRT for good condition, continuity of temporarily disconnected electric circuits may be checked.



Price, delivery terms and period are provided on request