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Intellectual solutions for marine ships and vessels


Concern AVRORA Scientific and Production Association Joint Stock Company (Avrora JSC)
Intelligent solutions for ships.Our specialization - systems and systems of technical means ships. NGOs 'Aurora' automates nuclear, diesel, steam turbine and other power plants..
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For our Customers
Dear Friends,
For over 45 years Concern AVRORA Scientific & Production Association JSC has been developing and producing complex scientifically and technologically intense products. The underlying principle of our work is to ensure complete lifecycle support for each of our products, right from design to warranty and afterwarranty period.
Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC is a permanent participant of the International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS) and the International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia (Neva).
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We are happy to offer you our tailored solutions in products and services:


Defence Products   
Concern AVRORA Scientific & Production Association JSC is the leading Russian enterprise in the field of development, production and supply of automated control systems for surface ships and submarines. High quality of products and vast service support network allowed the Concern to be selected as the key automation systems’ supplier for the Soviet and now for the Russian Navy.
In the recent years, Concern AVRORA delivered more than 140 digital control systems for surface ships and submarines of the Russian Navy and more than 130 control systems to the foreign customers (for the navies  of India, Algeria, China, Greece, Vietnam).
More about Defence Products Director of Ships Automation Leonid S. Fominskih
Civil Marine Equipment  
гражданская морская техника.jpg
We can function as a System Integrator and ensure proper and timely supply of deliverables, setting-to-work and commissioning of integrated systems of various types and missions. Our systems enable safe navigation and meet requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
More about Civil Marine Equipment Director of Production – Civil Marine Equipment Yury N. Chernysh Civil Marine Equipment 
Integrated Solutions  
комплексные решения.jpg
Our Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) provides enhanced data handling and functional flexibility to the ship’s staff for performance of ship’s management and steering tasks, including those related to navigational safety and operation of the ship’s specialized facilities. Such integrated solution enables convenient access to information about the status of various shipborne equipment in normal and combat modes of ship’s deployment across the ship through a common data network.
More about Integrated Solutions Director of Ships Automation Leonid S. Fominskih
Technical training and software aids  
For over fifty years, AVRORA has been developing and delivering training aids of various purposes for the Russian Navy as well as for foreign customers.
Special simulators, integrated training aids (trainer complexes) and automated training systems made by the Concern can be favourably compared with the best world prototypes in terms of their training capabilities and technical features.
More about Technical training and software aids Director for Training Facilities Development Yury N. Sizov  Technical training and software aids  
Batch production  
серийная продукция.jpg
On a yearly basis, our Production Complex produces and delivers a large no. of reliable failure-free position transmitters and relays of various types. Reliability of these products allows them to be in sustained demand for uses in the power industry, particularly for nuclear and thermal power units.
A wide range of characteristics and features of the position transmitters and relays to choose from, permits our customers to find suitable ones for any of their specific needs.
More about Batch production Director of Production Complex
Maxim V. Gulko,  Batch production 


Export and Service Centre  
The Centre ensures the customers' comfort right from the product commissioning into operation and throughout its life.
Prompt access to the entire set of design, technological and repair documentation, highly qualified R&D, production and service staff, a wide network of regional branch offices – all of that makes it possible to ensure satisfactory warranty and service support of the devices and systems of Concern AVRORA through their life cycle.
More about Export and Service Centre Deputy Director General – Director of Export and Service Center Igor V. Bondarenko Export and Service Center 
Testing Centre  
испытальный центр.jpg
Tests conducted in the Centre are performed with the use of relevant normative technical standards, test / trials programs and methodical instructions, on the calibrated measuring facilities. All the experts conducting the tests are suitably qualified and entitled to carry out tests and to attest service ability of the test equipment used.

Director of Production Complex
Maxim V. Gulko, Production Complex 
Metrological Service  
метрологическая служба.jpg
The Metrological Service is tasked to ensure sustained quality of measurements. The Service employs duly attested verification officers. In accordance with the scope of its accreditation, the Service is equipped with all the relevant normative standards and has about 300 reference sets of main and auxiliary measurement facilities. It also has its own premises as required for calibration of the measuring facilities.

Director of Production Complex
Maxim V. Gulko, Production Complex 

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